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How to cure it by herb if so possible

Sir.! my name is Hari from Rajasthan age 35 have a problem stamina concern, loose erection and pre ejaculates, after ejaculates time is not know when it will be back to erection, I don't not it's premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction problem but from my friend guidence tryed Ashwagandha, safed musali, shatavari brought in raw form and used it in powder form mixed every herb and 1 teaspoon morning with milk but the loose erection and timing rejoining still exists and timing after one down within 40sec. is not know when it will be back to erection, after 2 months my marriage will take place, can above problem be short out with herbs in best way,if so how may plz convey if so able, where can it be possible to buy guide me plzzz
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