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Correct Information
The information you provide should be correct and authentic. So that it can be used by other members of the group. You can share your experiences or the knowledge you have gained after practicing over the years.

While posting anything be Courteous. Present your knowledege in a civilized and respectfull manner. Do not use wrong Language. Respect the privacy of other members of the forum.

Clear Questions
Ask clear and concise questions so that it can be understood in right sense and answered accordingly. Do not repeat questions again and again.

Do not Give any false advice in any way. Be responsible and don't post anything to harm anyone. Do not use the forum to show your personal frustration or for chatting purposes. Do not post any advertisements or virus containing Links.

Be Moral
Do not write anything objectionable or abusive. Respect other members and use the thumbs up and report abuse functionality if you like any post or find something objectionable, abusive or disrespectful.

Multiple Accounts
Create a single account to post or be a member of the forum, creating multiple accounts for fun sake or to troll is an illicit act. Every Member of the forum is advised not to do this.