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Caterpillar Fungus Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

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General Name
Caterpillar Fungus
English Name
Caterpillar Fungus
Botanical Name
Cordyceps Sinensis, Ophiocordyceps Sinensis
Hindi Name
Ghaas Fafoond, Keeda Jadi
Chinese Name
Dong Chong Xia Cao
Homeopathic Name
Cordyceps   -   Mother Tincture

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Caterpillar Fungus Cures


Action of Caterpillar Fungus

Nutrients in Caterpillar Fungus

Highly Effective

Taste of
Caterpillar Fungus


Nature of
Caterpillar Fungus


Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Caterpillar Fungus

Rare toxic side effects have been demonstrated with the use of this herb ,you may experience conditions like,
Dry mouth
Nausea , or
Mild Gastrointestinal problem
High doses may cause Edema, Anxiety and Headache.
Avoid use of this herb during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding.
Not recommended for people suffering from Auto Immune Diseases, as, it is known to boost the Immune system.
Always consume this herb with meals, as it lowers Blood Pressure on consuming it.

NOTE : If you're allergic to mushrooms or any other types of fungus, strictly avoid using this herb.

Do not administer Cordyceps to a patient suffering from Fever.
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Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as Caterpillar Fungus is usually misinterpreted as a mushroom but, is actually a parasitic fungus which attacks the moth caterpillars and makes it infected with spores. This is how Cordyceps is formed. Do not go eek about it. Fungus does not always mean something nasty!
We enjoy eating those oh-so-soft breads, yeast gave us that. Exactly ! All of them are fungi, which we have been eating and relishing the taste.

Caterepillar gets attacked by the fungus during fall. The fungus kills the caterpillar completely and mummifies it, giving rise to caterpillar like fruiting body.
Thus, Cordyceps is the conjunction of the larvae of caterpillar and a fungus that grows on it. This entire fungus-larva is collected, dried and preserved to be used for medicinal purposes.

DOSAGE : The dosage may range between 4-8 g daily.
It can be administrated as a decoction, powder mixture, tea or tincture.

Cordyceps is found in cold, grassy mountains of Himalayan Plateau and tropical and humid forests of Asian countries- China, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, Tibet and Korea.

The fruit body of the herb ranges from dark brown to black, whereas, the root is either yellowish or brown in color.
The larvae on which Cordyceps grows, lives 6 inches below the ground and weighs about 0.05 g .

The harvesting of Cordyceps is done between the months of April and August .

Cordyceps weighs for about 300-500 mg.

The herb is the perfect example of a Superherb. Used to strengthen the body and boost up the mind.
The organs associated with this herb are Kidneys and Lungs. The herb is widely used to cure Kidney as well as Lung disorders.
The herb is super effective effects in curing Impotence, Frigidity and Infertility.

Best used for Fatigue

Cordyceps, when combined with other tonics like Goji Berry, Ganoderma, Astragalus, Ginseng, acts as a very powerful tonic.

It makes the human body a super effective machine to absorb maximum oxygen from the air.

Caterpillar Fungus : Dong Chong Xia Cao

Meridians Associated : Lungs and Kidneys.



Materia Medica for Caterpillar Fungus

Caterpillar Fungus General

Being an adaptogen, Cordyceps promotes longevity and leads to overall vitality.
Cordyceps takes care of Cardiovascular System :
It cures heart related problems and enhances the circulation of the blood. Regulates the Blood pressure and also strengthens the Heart muscles, which in turn improves the Cardiac function. It regulates the heart rhythm, ensures regular blood flow by hindering the clotting of platelets. The herb remarkably increases Cardiac Hypoxia tolerance.

This herb is known as an absolute Lung Tonic : It is associated with Lungs meridian. Therefore it is responsible for strengthening this meridian.
Those who need extra energy to perform physical work, this herb is a perfect choice. It strengthens the respiratory power and increases Lung power in those, who are deficient of it.
Cordyceps acts as a phenomenal tonic for those, recovering from an injury, Illness or a surgery. The herb thus helps the patient to recover and protects the body from further infection as well.

The herb has powerful Anti-tumor and Anticancer properties which help the body to resist bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi infections. Reduces the tumor size in patients suffering from Cancer. It helps the patient to recover after Cancer treatment, like Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy.

Anti aging property of the herb slows down the aging and promotes longevity. Reduces weakness and stress and fatigue associated with aging. It boosts up the level of energy which gets exhausted due to over exertion.
Cordyceps increase the fertility in both men and women. This makes it a powerful Sexual tonic .

As the herb is associated with the Kidney meridian, it strengthens the Kidneys and other renal functions which include, sexual function, brain power. It also prevents the excess of toxins from accumulating in the body. It has a diuretic effect and thus prevents Kidney pain.
The herb as powerful anti-inflammatory ans antioxidant properties.
Cordyceps Combats Sexual Dysfunction and helps in boosting up Testosterone Levels in men. Increases the energy level and reproductive capability in both men and women.
The Cordyceps fungus is used to treat chronic Bronchitis, Coughs, night-time urination, irregular Heartbeat, High Cholesterol, Anemia, Dizziness, Liver disorders, weakness.
It takes care of the oxygen utilization by cells and tissues of the body.
The Cordyceps fungus increases the growth of the Immune system cells and promotes the antibody production in the body, enhancing its function.
It decreases phlegm and strengthens the lower back and knees.

The herb is also known to cure Malaria, Yellow Fever and helps to rejuvenate the body.
It also helps to increase the red and white blood cell count .
The herb stimulates the Immune system of elderly and is a Hormone stimulator.
You can observe the improvement within a few weeks, while, the long term use results in overall health. The herb, thus helps to reach Vibrant Health, which is the highest degree of health attainable.

Cordyceps Sinensis is very effective to counter Opium addiction.
Queries on Caterpillar Fungus
11 Sep 2015
I have been taking Cordyceps for a week now. It has caused constipation. Can you please tell me if this is a normal reaction of the herb.
13 Sep 2015
Dear Robert

Same is the case with me. I need your help herbpathy team. I took cordyceps for about 4 days and it has caused constipation. A severe one. Due to which I feel bloated and also, I have been suffering from a constant headache.

Please suggest, what should I take to counter its effect. Headache not bearable. ....
13 Oct 2016
You should'nt over eat it,2pcs every morning is enough..
15 Sep 2015
Headache, headache. Me too. I have started getting a headache. Its very peculiar. When I awake from a nap or night sleep, I have a headache. After a few minutes it goes away.
17 Sep 2015
I have got constipation, though mild. I will let you know when it gets alright.
30 Dec 2015
Dear sir
I have 2 grams of caterpillar fungus can you suggest me how can I take this in home for my sex life .
Herbpathy Research Team
31 Dec 2015
Dear Kamal Never eat any kind of medication without a reason. Ayurveda remedies contain very strong effects. So, always consult a doctor before taking any kind of Medication. If you have a particular disorder, that please let us know. We will suggest you an appropriate Herb accordingly. Regards
Herbpathy Research Team
( Make Life Healthy )
04 Oct 2016
hi kamal,
i would like to ask you whether you are a regular consumer? because we have the best quality yartsa straight from dolpa, nepal. so if you are interested and willing to get the product at your doorstep, then kindly mail me on tewang31@gmail.com. or you can call me on 9564553626. thank you
14 Feb 2016
I currently take medication for hypothyroidism and major depression. What do you suggest for infertility? I am a 44 year old female. Thank you
18 Feb 2016
Dear Ratchell
You are suffering from Hypothroidism and Depression. Would you specify the medicines you are taking for these problem ? Chaste berry tincture , Manjakani and Cater pillar fungus are the Herbs for you. We will suggest you the method to take these Herbs, but please name the medicines you have been taking.
Ranjit ( India )
05 Mar 2016
Is it good for sportsman ?
06 Jul 2016
Hello everyone my self manoj Sharma form INDIA . himachal Pradesh (shimla)if u want keeda jadi or yarsagumba. Contact me .at my email ID is manojs896@gmail.com or call me at +919857900603
Dharya Seghal
11 Mar 2016
Yes Ranjit it is.
This Herb is known to bnoost up energy levels and reduces stress and tiredness due to any activity that involves over exertion. A good herb for athletes infact. It also reduces Stress. It leads to an improved athlete's oxygen utilization. Cordyceps will also improve your stamina.
Mohit Singh ( India )
05 Apr 2016
what is cordyceps? can i buy this in india
Mohit Singh ( India )
05 Apr 2016
what is cordyceps? can i buy this in india
05 Aug 2016
Yes contact me on 9564553626
Shaurya Mukharjee
05 Apr 2016
Dear Mohit Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus, used to cure a multiple diseases. You would have to do research to find out, if you can buy this Herb in India. Btw, is there a specific disease that you wish to cure with this Herb?
Manjunath ( India )
28 Apr 2016
Is this helpful for kidney failure patients sir?
04 May 2016
Dear Manjunath Yes, it is very beneficial in treating patients suffering from chronic kidney failure. only 3 to 5 gm of this herb can improve the condition of the patient. It not only will improve the function of the kidney, but also the overall immunity of the person is boosted. However, this is not the best herb for Kidney disorders. The best herbs are--
Gokharu, Varuna, Drumsticks, Chicory and Punarnava. check kidney disorders in the disease section of this website.
Gowda ( Karnataka )
28 Apr 2016
Will Asthma patients take this medicines...
04 May 2016
yes, they can. It is known to provide relief in asthmatic patients and other respiratory disorders like Bronchitis, obstructed airways...
Pawan malik ( India )
28 Apr 2016
Can a pituitory gland tumor macro adenoma be treated by this?
Arjun ( New delhi india )
01 May 2016
Sir can you suggest any herbs for improving strength and also good muscle recovery and fatigue ,I am an athlete
04 May 2016
Take Fresh juice of Amla and mix it with honey, equal quantity7 of both. Take this mixture twice a day. Ginseng Korean is the best Herb for you. Buy the capsules and take one, everyday. Blessed Thistle is another Herb for you. It acts as a tonic for strength. Take 2 teaspoon of the powder in a glass of water. Boil it for 5 minutes. Drink it hot, like tea. Take this twice a day for a week. Drink a glass of mil twice a day.
Sharath mandya ( Karnataka )
03 Jun 2016
Is curing the paralysied patients sir?
Because I am suffering this paralysis since 2008, even I can't lift my hand or leg....totally I powerless...my body structure is changing day by day sir....so if you suggest me the caterpillar fungs, I keen to take this regularly...pls suggest me as soon as possible sir....
Angad Roy
30 Jun 2016
Sharath Apply Sida Cordifolia oil on the effected area. Massage with this oil every day.
Take Bala Capsule everyday. One per day., for a month. Visit a physiotherapist. It may help you and take a advise of Yoga trainer. Yoga will really help to improve the Blood Circulation in the Body. Also massage the affected portion with Caesalpinia Bonduc seed oil. Avoid the food which is pungent and bitter in taste.
Consult your doctor before you try any medicine. All the very best
Amit ( U.K. )
07 Aug 2016
Cordeceps is for sex as well
Douglas Duah ( Ghana )
23 Sep 2016
Please sir, can I mix Caterpillar fungus with honey and drink?
27 Dec 2016
Yes if u don't have diabetes
Prem Singh ( Punjab, India )
24 Sep 2016
Yes, you can mix it with honey and drink it. But by this method you are wasting precious herb. Whatever amount of Caterpillar Fungus you have make a tincture of it. When you eat the herb only a few ingredients get absorbed. When you tincture it, you get the full spectrum and it goes to you blood stream in seconds.
Now you will ask how to make a tincture. Herbpathy will help you. Go to Glossary anf type tincture. they will tel you how to make it.
04 Oct 2016
hi prem,
do you take wild cordycep? if so then we have the finest quality of raw yartsa gumbu straight from the mountains of dolpo, nepal. if interested please contact me on 9564553626.
Jim ( UsA republic, OK )
26 Oct 2016
Greetings Sir! I am 76, had bladder cancer surgery 4 times in 18 mos. No Chemo. Now use Turmeric w/Blk Pepper, and DMSO, 1-tspn per day. See DMSO -Dr Stanley Jacobs,Miracle Drug of the NW. Both excellent for brain, memory. Have used it since 1979 for pain, burn, anything caused by Inflammation. Like Turmeric, Anything. Except tiredness, stress, anxieity, which cause, is deperssion. An Old Man's normal illness. I see Yarta Gunbu, Caterpillar fungus is similar to Turmeric and DMSO. All 3 are killers of inflammation, cancer, cause of most pain, illness. Suffered for 2 years, used wheel chair, cryed @ times.Used 10 mg -Hydrocodone, 5-6 x-p/day. Poor results. Use of boiled turmeric & blk pepper,12 mins,1ounce, to stop pain. Use Turmeric,Pill, 1000 mg w/blk pepper daily. No pain , plus benefits of DMSO Liquid. Put a drop on big toe, taste it in 30 seconds. excellent carrier for meds. Mix with Fungus, put under tongue and miracle meds in bloodstream. Now! Much stronger w/o dealing with stomach acids. etc.The fungus will, maybe, hep me, with Senior Citizen problems. Plus, a Senior Woman who suffers with Rhumatoid Arthritius. Ur thoughts? Help? Thanx- jim
27 Oct 2016
Yes, Caterpillar Fungus is known to be a good tonic and helps the elderly in all aspects.
Ricky ( USA utah )
03 Nov 2016
How can I buy this product. I am I. The USA. I would like to get the purest possible and that is not something easily done here
Ricky ( USA utah )
04 Nov 2016
I posted an inquiry how to purchase Caterpillar Fungus. That seems to have been removed with no response. Please I need this for kidney issues. I am in USA and want the purest possible.
10 Nov 2016
Dear Ricky. We do not deal with sales and purchase of herbs. Ours is an informative website. You may order it from amazon or any other website that deals with herbs.
Sandeep ( India )
10 Dec 2016
Hi, I am having diabetes since 8 years,want to improve my overall health as I am facing lot of weakness .Can I take caterpillar fungus and in which form.Is available in India as over the counter medicine.if not how can I get it. Please advise. Thanks
12 Dec 2016
Firstly, you need to mention, what all allopathic medicines are you already taking. If you are taking any, then it is advised that you stop taking it. 2. Take Metformin 250 tablet for Diabetes, morning and evening.
3. You may increase or decrease the dosage accordingly. Keep a note of your sugar readings. When the readings are normal,then take Berberis Vulgaris tincture, twice in a day. 5 drops in a glass of water. 4. Now, keep a note of your sugar levels and adjust the dosage of Metformin. If the sugar levels begin to drop beyond normal, then you may ultimately stop taking Metformin. AIM is to regulate the Diabetes with Metformin and then completely eliminate it. Let us know the results after a month.
27 Dec 2016
Sir, if you are looking for genuine product which is yartsa gumbu. I can provide you in best price. And we also offer door to door delivery service. Thank you
27 Dec 2016
Call me on 9564553626
Kwabena Agyemang ( United Kingdom )
10 Jan 2017
Is this catapiller fungi good for someone who is taking medication for hypotension?
Kawya Lotha
19 Jan 2017
No please. Caterpillar Fungus is known to lower the blood pressure, thus, not recommended for those who are suffering from Low Bp or are already taking medicines for Hypotension. This will counteract the effect of the medicine.
Arvind ( INDIA/U.P. )
10 Jan 2017
My name is Arvind,
I am 39 yr old have erectile dysfunction, leck of sexual desire, leck of sexual excitement and premature ejaculation. I'm nither alcoholic nor smoking or drug edict pure vegitarian. Have regular cough problum, very small stones in kidney. Have much trigylesride and bad cholesterol level. Please suggest treatment for me .thanks
16 Jan 2017
Arvind take salam panja
Simrak Luthra
19 Jan 2017
Arvind. Take Gokharu capsules. This will take care of your Kidney disorder including erectile dysfunction and Stones.
Take Varuna capsule, one every day, this will help to dissolve the stones. For high cholesterol, take Burdock capsules. one daily for a month.
Surinder Bhoan ( India / Maharashtra )
18 Jan 2017
My wife is suffering from Interstitial Lung Disease . She is 58 . Diagnosed 5 years back. Not taking any allopathic medicine except for first 6 months . Used Hydrogen Peroxide , Parad Vati , some Unani and Homeopathic medicines . Can you suggest some treatment ?
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