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Fortify Them,Take care of your Organs so that they take care of youFortify Them,Take care of your Organs so that they take care of you

Human body is as resilient as steel, and, as fragile as an eggshell.   Balance is the essence.  When the Immune system defaults, a  disease attacks.  It attacks that part of the body which is weakest at that time.  If all is well, it will affect the Metabolism.  Acute observation will reveal its direction.  Judicious, simple, action will restore health.  Ignorance, bad habits, mental inertia and physical lethargy preclude early detection.  The camouflaged disease, advances, overpowers the Metabolism and enters an Organ System.  It manifests itself with well defined symptoms.  Now, the metabolism is sick.  One or more Organ Systems is/are also sick. 
A complicated, multipronged action is required to regain lost ground.  The disease reigns supreme.  If you still ignore to take remedial action, one or more Organs will be affected.  This is the normal route of progression of a disease.  But the converse is also true.  If all the Organs of your body are in top gear and functioning well, the Organ Systems will be healthy and consequently the Metabolism will be in perfect harmony. 
Therefore, whether you are healthy or sick, you need to take care of your Organs.  They are intuitively self protective.  Still.  A little help from your side will go a long way.  A simple yet detailed guide has been compiled for you.  It explains the functions of each Organ.  Then it gives you the Herbs most suited to that Organ.  No complicated diagnosis is required.  You do not need to know whether they are sick or healthy.  Either way the Herbs will tone the Organs.  All you need to do, is to consume them.  The five most vital Organs have been covered.  Be smart.  Prevent disease.  Act.  Do not react.

Organs covered on this page are:

The Pancreas is a gland. It produces Hormones and Digestive juices.  Hormones: Glucagon, Insulin, Pancreatic Polypeptide and Somatostatin.  Digestive juices: Pancreatic juice.
First, it extracts energy from food.  It permits the entry of sugar into the body cells. When it malfunctions, digestion becomes sluggish and the sugar meant for the cells remains in the Blood stream. This excess sugar in the blood is either stored in the Liver or filtered by the Kidneys.  So, anything going wrong with the Pancreas, even a minor kink, will throw the entire system off track.  Affecting, first the Liver, then Kidney, Heart and finally the Brain.
Punarnava :  The very name when translated into English means rejuvination. Punarnava affects most of the organs. Punarnava lowers blood sugar. The herb is a diuretic. It prevents formation of kidney stones and gravel. When kidney function deteriorates it will re juvinate the kidnsys. It lowers creatinine. It optimises the liver functions. Therefore we should start taking Punarnava during the care of the Pancreas and contune its use right through all the organs.
Gymnema Sylvertre ( Gurmar )  :  It restores the functioning of Pancreas. Controls the level of sugar in the blood.  The Herb is a magic wand for Diabetics.  Take 10 drops of the mother tincture before every major meal.  Keep a note of your sugar levels. Try this for 7 days. If the Herb suits you, continue this for a month.
Land Caltrops ( Gokharu ) :  It revitalizes beta cells which help pancreas to produce Insulin. Gokharu rejuvenates and promotes an over all health of Pancreas. Try this herb for a week, if it suits you, continue for a month., otherwise - STOP.
Korean Ginseng  :  This Herb reduces the chances of  Pancreatic Cancer.  Make a powder of Korean Ginseng roots. Boil one pinch of this powder in a glass of water. drink it thrice a week. If it suits you, continue for a month. It is an adaptogen. It will optimize the functioning of the entire body. If it does not suit you, STOP.

For more information on diseases caused by malfunctioning Pancreas, click on Pancreatitis

In the event of a malfunction of the Pancreas, excess sugar is released into the Blood stream. Poor Liver!! It has to overwork. This over exertion may lead to Liver Disorders. Logically, we should take care of the Liver next. But, Kidneys being the more important organ seem to be the organ of choice that must be taken care of before the Liver.  Another reason for treating the kidneys before the Liver is the fact that as the kidneys improve, they automatically help the Liver to function better.  Besides, some herbs are common for all the organs mentioned on this page.

They are the keys to the mystery of health.  Kidneys are small intricate reprocessing machines.  They remove waste products and excess fluids from the body.  To study the multitude of functions,  Click on -  Kidney Diseases  ( On this page, scroll down and look for  Kidney functions  in the description section ).
Major functions are listed here --
Kidneys ,
Store energy ( By energy, we mean, the original energy of the body; the one which has been passed on from your parents to you. This energy determines the physiological functioning of the entire body )
Store essential body fluids. They govern transportation and transformation of fluids. Any malfunctioning in Kidneys cause inordinate amount of urine or Scanty urine.
Take care of internal water distribution throughout the body. They receive fluids from food and drinks. They make sure, the fluids get transformed and the waste gets excreted and does not accumulate in the stomach. 
Control warming and cooling of the body.  Kidneys moisten and keep your organs warm, means they control the thermostat of your body. Any Kidney Disorder can be seen in the symptoms like Fatigue,  Depression, Impotence and Infertility.
Produce Bone marrow. They nourish and take care of the bones. Strengthens the ligaments and tendons.
Are responsible for the nourishment of Brain, take care of memory, and other 5 senses ,i.e. thinking, seeing and hearing, smelling and touching.
Control the reception of energy.  If the Kidneys fail to work optimally, symptoms like Chest Congestion and Asthma evolve.
If Kidneys are weak, hearing will be impaired and conditions like Tinnitus or Deafness may be seen.
Dominate the growth of Head hair. Malfunctioning of Kidneys will lead to Frizzy Hair,  Hair Loss and Gray Hair
Control the lower orifices: Urethera, Anus, Prostartae and the entire Reproductive System. Anything going wrong with Kidneys lead to Urinary Incontinence, Nocturnal Emission, prolapse of Anus .
Control your Strength and Skill. Kidneys exercise quite a control on your will power.
Release hormones that regulate your Blood Pressure. If Kidneys are in balance, the secretion of this Hormone is proper and thus, diseases related to Blood Pressure may be prevented.
List of Herbs to be taken to rejuvenate your Kidneys-
Land Caltrops ( Gokharu )
Continue with Punarnava.
Continue with Gokharu  :  This is the main herb for the care of the health of the Kidneys. It is an excellent cleanising agent. It strengthens the Kidneys. It expunges any debri or gravel from the Kidneys .  For an indepth knowledge on Gokhshura click here (link page)
Varuna ( Crataeva Nurvala )  :  It is used to prevent excessive accumulation of fluids in the Kidney.  Herb also helps in breaking down Kidney stones and clears gravel..
Kaasni ( Chicory )  :  It tonifies the Kidneys.  The Herb act as an alkalizer and benefits the Kidneys on the whole.
The use of these five Herbs may save the patient from the trauma of Dialysis.

Liver is a gland.  It produces bile, which helps in the process of Digestion.  It stores Sugar.  Converts the stored sugar into functional sugar, whenever body's sugar levels drop below normal.  It detoxifies the blood. To know about other Liver functions click on :  Liver Diseases ( On this page , scroll down and look for  Functions of Liver  in description section ).

Diseases like Diabetes cause fatty Liver and other Liver Disorders. But this may not be the main cause of worry. The major causes for a degenerative Liver are-
Bad Life ( alcohol )
Change in environment
Excessive medications for other diseases.
To know about other Liver conditions , Click on :  Liver Diseases ( on this page, scroll down and look for   Liver diseases )

Don't look for the cause, just take care of your Liver. !!   Regimen to fortify the Liver :
Milk Thistle
Punarnava :  Continue its use through Liver care.  It rejuvenates the Liver and detoxifies it.  It strengthens the Liver against Hepatitis , Jaundice, Anorexia and Sluggish liver.
Basil:  Basil promotes healthy functioning of Liver.  It is also known to treat Liver damage. Specially, toxin induced Liver damage, caused by the prolonged use certain medicinal drugs. The leaves of the Herb have  hepatoprotective  properties. 
Giloy:  Improves function of the Liver.  Helps in the regeneration of Liver cells.  It is an effective Liver Tonic.
Honey:  It is known to protect Liver from Stress and toxins.  Honey is known as the healer of Liver.  Honey detoxifies the Liver and fights diseases like Hepatitis A , Hepatitis B and other viral diseases affecting Liver.
Radish:  It is a superb Herb for Liver. It is quite an effective Herb in treating Jaundice, Liver Congestion. The herb is a potent detoxificant and cleanses the Liver.
Milk Thistle :  It cures Liver damage from drugs.  Protects liver from damage and slows the progression of Liver damage.  Cures Cirrhosis , chronic Hepatitis.  The Herb is known to improve the health and functioning of Liver.  It also reduces the effect of alcohol on Liver.  Known to protect Liver of those undergoing  Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy. 
Shisandra:  This Herb has a great cleansing action, which cleanses Liver and stimulates the enzyme secretion by Liver.  It strengthens the Liver.  It is great adaptogen, which treats the diseases associated with all the meridians of the body.
Rhodiola:  It is an adaptogen which guards the Liver against pathogens . The Herb is antioxidant  and hepatoprotective  . It aids in the detoxification of Liver.

Heart is a two-way pump A pump that pushes blood through arteries and capillaries.
Heart is an organ , which keeps everything running.  It delivers oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the organs.
It is the core organ of  Cardiovascular system. It controls all the blood vessels.  Entire blood circulation is controlled by the heart.
If the heart fails to pump or deliver proper amounts of oxygenated blood to the organs, it  causes  Heart Diseases.  Some are related to the organ itself and some to other organs like, Brain, limbs, arms.
You, yourself can significantly prevent or reduce heart disease, without the help of a cardiologist. A little awareness of what is good or bad for it, can aid in smooth functioning of the entire body.  There are many lifestyle choices you can make to help prevent the Heart diseases.
Again!! It is important that you do not adopt the foolish method of obsessively focusing on the treatment of physical symptoms. In its stead, it is wiser to prevent those symptoms from arising. It simply means preventing problems with correct lifestyle, diet and knowledge. You must have heard the phrase - An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
The leading cause of deaths ; Heart Diseases..........
According to a survey, Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths, yet it does not induce fear or panic as the disease Cancer does.If we ask you, that out of the two, which one is scares you more ? You will probably say;  Cancer.
Do you know the reason ....?
Because it is the treatment that horrifies you, not the disease.  The thought of Cancer treatments ( lack of awareness) is what scares you. Still, the Heart is neglected in lieu of Cancer.  And, when our loved ones die of a Heart disorder, we name it as an inevitable tragedy.  Why inevitable ? Yes, death is, but not the Heart disease.  It can be avoided.  Taking an action now, will bring about a change.

The herbs for heart are divided into two categories-

1. Herbs which directly affect the Heart, let's call them Primary herbs.

Lavender Essential Oil

Hawthorn  :   A cardio tonic. It regulates coronary blood flow. Hawthorn diminishes the deposition of fatty substances in arteries. Results, it regulates the flow of blood in the Arteries.
Arjuna  :  Nourishes the heart. Clears blockage in the arteries. Strengthens the heart muscles and improves the functioning of heart. For detailed benefits of this herb .click here.
Lavender Essential Oil   :  Lavender has anti-inflammatory property. It reduces inflammation linked with to the heart disease. It inhibits cortisol production in the body.
Motherwort   :  It improves the poor circulation.

2. Herbs which have secondary action on the heart, lets call them supportive or assistant Herbs.

Garlic :  It prevents the risk of heart attack and heart diseases.
Ashwagandha  :  It has a hot potency, so best suitable for winter season and those living in cold regions. Provides resistance to stress and prevents the chance of Heart failure , High blood pressure or a Heart stroke.

Ginkgo  :  It improves blood circulation to the organs. Removes plaque deposition in the arteries.
Notoginseng  :  It regulates the heart beats.  Acts as a protector of heart.  Lowers the blood cholesterol levels.  Promotes healthy blood circulation.
Gynostemma  :  This herb makes it easier for the heart to pump blood throughout the body and reduces blood pressure.
Maitake  :  Take one Maitake capsule before going to bed. daily for a week, if it suits you, continue for a month, else Stop.


Your spleen's main function is to act as a filter for your blood. It recognizes and removes old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells. When blood flows into your spleen, your spleen performs "quality control"; your red blood cells must pass through a maze of narrow passages. Healthy blood cells simply pass through the spleen and continue to circulate throughout your bloodstream. Blood cells that can't pass the test will be broken down in your spleen by macrophages. Macrophages are large white blood cells that specialize in destroying these unhealthy red blood cells. - See more at:

The spleen is the organ that takes care of  both, the storage and purification of red blood cells.  It is this organ which guides the immune system in recognizing and then attacking foreign pathogens. It  is the largest organ of the lymphatic system.  It is the largest lymph node in the body.

Functions :
Filters the blood, removes microbe and worn out RBCs.
Produces white blood cells that fight infection and synthesize antibodies.
Responsible for providing the overall nourishment which supports the healthy functioning

When Spleen becomes hyperactive, it processes and stores more blood than before.  This cuases its enlargement.  However, it becomes normal when the disease goes away.  Symptoms like-

Fatigue, Weakness in arms and limbs
Loose Stools
Poor appetite

Herbs to be taken for your Spleen are :

Papaya :  It treats inflammation, enlargement and swelling of the Spleen.  Papaya helps the cleansing of Spleen . It aids Spleen in clearing up and removing bacteria from the blood cells.

Dandelion The antiinflammatory action of this Herb is known to cure enlarged spleen problem within 20 days. A cup of Dandelion tea everyday is all you need to take.

Grapes :   Best herb to bank on to  resolve spleen stone and swelling. Grapes leaves  juice is the cure.

Figs :  The herb uis known to l reduce spleen swelling and pain . It can also be effective to reduce pain, if you will apply figs and vinegar paste on you belly for one hour.

Apple :  Apple juice is best to cleanse the lymphatic system  and cures Spleen enlargement


Your spleen's main function is to act as a filter for your blood. It recognizes and removes old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells. When blood flows into your spleen, your spleen performs "quality control"; your red blood cells must pass through a maze of narrow passages. Healthy blood cells simply pass through the spleen and continue to circulate throughout your bloodstream. Blood cells that can't pass the test will be broken down in your spleen by macrophages. Macrophages are large white blood cells that specialize in destroying these unhealthy red blood cells. - See more at:

Although, Brain comes last in this cycle. And this organ is the master of all. It is able to multi-task, receive and send a multitude of impulses at the same time.  Its intricacy can not be explained. Yet, it's Health is overlooked in the medicine system.  Some herbs to remember for your brain are :

Velvet Bean



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Reviews on Organs
Ninja sharma
04 Sep 2019
Some time i am facing the deep pain @ my right side of head.

please suggest me what to do and which remedy is more helpful for me.
18 Sep 2019
Dear Ninja,
Please answer a few questions:
Do you suffer weak eyesight?
Have you been ever diagnosed with Migraine?
Do you have pain at any particular time of day? Like is it more when you are out in the sun or when you are stressed?

Meanwhile, you can start taking Mint water. It will give you relief from Headache. Put some mint leaves in a bottle of water. Drink this water in the day. Keep refilling the bottle.
12 Nov 2021
I’ve been diagnosed with Lymphedema in my Left Leg. How can it be Cured / Reversed??
Also, dealing with Improper Blood Flow in the Left Leg. I’m not sure if the Valves aren’t working properly OR if it’s an issue within the Arteries/Blood Vessels/Veins. What would you Suggest or Recommend. By the way, the Lower Left Leg has Discoloration too.
I’d Greatly Appreciate hearing from you. Thank you so very much in advance.
Juvencio garcia alatorre
22 May 2022
im 71 years old I have always have problems with my stomach berning vomits nausea rumble for the moment I eat until going to de bathroom
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