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Muscular System.... Enables The Movement Of Body
Driving Unit of Human Body

The most basic function of  Muscular System is : Movement.   Muscles help every individual to stand straight, walk, move, bend, run  pick up objects and what not. They help in breathing, blood circulation and aid in the functioning of other internal organs.

So, you do anything and everything with the help of  this system.

Involuntary action , such as the contraction of lungs for breathing or the heart for blood circulation, is lead by muscles. Eye blinking, breathing and even smiling is caused by the organs of the muscular system. Not only motion, organs of the muscular system also take care of your  posture and body temperature.  The system aids in the functioning of the other organ systems such as circulatory and digestive.

Muscular system is comprised of  muscular  organs ( the whole  muscle — consisting of muscle fibers, connective tissue, nerve tissue and blood tissue is  an organ by itself ) and muscular tissues.

We categorize Muscle organs into--
Lower limbs
Upper limbs
Head and Neck area

 Muscle Tissues are -

  • Skeletal muscle: This type of muscle creates movement in the body.  Skeletal muscles are the muscles that cover the human skeleton. They are the muscles that are visible to us and can be felt.  When the nervous system signals the muscle to contract, groups of muscles work together to move the skeleton.  These types of muscles attach to the bone with fibers known as Tendons and can be moved voluntarily.  Skeletal muscles make movement of the body possible.
  • Cardiac muscle: Cardiac muscle is involuntary muscle.  This muscle makes up the walls of the heart and creates the steady, rhythmic pulsing that pumps blood through the body from signals from the brain.    Cardiac muscle is one of the strongest of all the 650 muscles present in our body and is present only in the heart.  It is responsible for the contraction of the heart that leads to the forceful pumping of blood in the circulatory system.  They move by involuntary contractions, allowing these organs to function automatically.
  • Smooth muscle: Smooth muscle makes up the walls of hollow organs, respiratory passageways, and blood vessels. Its wavelike movements propel things through the bodily system, such as food through your stomach or urine through your bladder.  Like cardiac muscle, smooth muscle is involuntary and also contracts in response to stimuli and nerve impulses.

Functions :

Body movement

Stability of body and  its posture , Skeletal muscles play a major role in stabilizing human skeleton. They also help in maintaining proper posture of human body. Muscular tissues support the joints that are formed between various bones, giving them stability.

Production of Heat, and thus energy. ,Active contraction of muscles requires energy. Hence, muscles use a great amount of body’s total energy. Due to this the body’s metabolic rate is increased, producing a large amount of heat in the body. This feature of muscles holds special importance for individuals living in cold climates.

Circulation of Lymph and Blood, Cardiac muscles are responsible for forcing the blood out of the heart and pumping it throughout the human body. The blood is in constant motion by the regular pumping motion of the heart, thereby supplying the nutrients to every tissue of the human body and also removing waste products.

Aid in Digestion ,The organs of the human digestive system such as esophagus, stomach and intestine are lined by the smooth muscles. These muscles contract and aid the digestive system to digest food.

How does it Work ?

Muscle movement happens when neurological signals produce electrical changes in muscle cells. During this process, calcium is released into the cells and brings about a short muscle twitch. Problems with the junction between the cells — called a synapse — can lead to neuro muscular diseases. Muscles contract or expand to produce movement, to let you perform an action.  The Muscles get nerve signals sent from the Brain and Spinal Cord.

What Can go Wrong with the System ?

Muscle pain is a common issue that can signal numerous problems, even if it’s something as simple as overuse. Some muscular disorders and conditions that affect muscles include:

Sprains, Strains, Tumors, Cramping,  Muscular dystrophy, Bruising, these are Skeletal Muscle Problems.

Multiple sclerosis, Stoke, Tumors, Fibromyalgia. Smooth muscle disorders.

Myopathy. This is Cardiac muscle problem.

Other Muscular disorders can be checked on herbpathy.  Click here, -->on this page, scroll down to look for Muscular Diseases.

Causes that might impair  Muscular System are ;

Fatigue, Sprains, Strains and Tears.

Muscles tend to loosen with age

Engaging yourself  in heavy lifting, intense exercise

Activities that put stress on skeletal muscles risk injury.

Overlooking an already strained muscle may cause further damage.

Prevent your Body's Motor ....

Now you know, how crucial this system is .  Muscular System provides motor power for all movements of body parts.  Without it's proper functioning,  life will come to a halt.  You must not overlook this system and pay attention to it, only during, the times of crisis ( when you feel pain or cramps in your body)  But, should  take care of it in a way, so as to prevent the instances of that pain or malfunctioning........

Yoga is exceptionally essential and is beneficial for supporting the health of muscles, bones and connective tissues. Through different poses, yoga helps to gently stretch muscles and  tissue, making you more flexible.  It helps to build bones and promote bone flexibility through weight-bearing exercises. It increases your ability to balance and also calms your mind and body.  Recommended to tone up all the organ systems.


Raspberry  tones the uterine muscles, helps to strengthen and prepare the  female body for childbirth. It is a renowned herb for its soothing and astringent action on muscles, specially,  the stomach and intestinal tract.

Skullcap is one of the most powerful herbs to help you get a better night's sleep. It calms the nervous system, relaxes the muscles, and helps balance blood pressure.

Turmeric  is used to increase flexibility. It has strongly anti-inflammatory and is used to reduce overall inflammation in the body, thus relieving both chronic and acute pain.

St. John's Wort  ,remedy for bruises, sprains and joint and muscle pain. It will reduce and numb the pain of pinched and damaged nerves

Gotu kola is a  herb that has a special affinity for the connective tissues

 Comfrey Cures Sprains, muscular cramps and muscle injuries.

Bladderwrack Beneficial for maintaining muscle strength and tones the saggy muscles.

Valerian Properties of the plant have demonstrated to give calming relief to muscles, the nerves and blood vessels.


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Reviews on Muscular System.... Enables The Movement Of Body
28 Aug 2016
Iam Sam
Thnks for giving this rich knowledge!!
I want u to help me to cure my problem, iam suffering from RSI INJURY that is iam feeling a heavy pain below my neck and between my left shoulder and spinal cord!!
I have to work very hard in my job and I don't have any option to stop that job!! I have to work continuously with my hands and that made me this problem from 3 months!
Plz advice me if there is any remedies to cure my problem!!
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