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Converting Food and Air into Energy

Metabolism is the sum of anything and everything happening in your body.  Mostly the activities comprise of converting matter from one form to a more usable form.  It is either combustion and release of energy or synthesis resulting in building and maintaining body parts or chemical.  A sperm needs to grow into a baby in the womb.  A child need to grow into an adult.  Cells need to multiply to increase size.  We need to maintain our bodies.
We need to replenish parts like skin, muscles and nerves, cells and tissues. This building activity is the culmination of a sequence of chemical and biochemical reactions.  We need to move, we need kinetic energy.  We need to burn fuel.  This conversion requires the body to burn or break down food and oxygen to produce kinetic energy.  This activity is the decomposition of matter.  It will be burned, destroyed.  Toxic waste will be produced.  The elimination of this waste through Breathing, Sweating, Urination, and Defecation consumes energy, and is part of the metabolic activity.  Despite the changes in weather and climate our body maintains a perfect temperature.  It needs to produce heat, or cool it.  Either way it needs a bio thermal and biochemical reaction to produce heat or the cooling effect. This process will produce toxic waste which will have to be excreted.
Maintaining an optimum pH balance in the body is a pure chemical reaction.  Every human activity requires energy.  Even thinking consumes energy.  Metabolism is the name of the process that converts raw material into usable energy.
The building blocks for the Metabolism are extracted from the sun, air and food :
Amino acids from Proteins
Glucose from Carbohydrates
Fatty acids and glycerol from Fats
Oxygen from Air
Stimulation from Sun Light

The Organs Systems  of our body and  metabolism work hand in hand to ensure that our body is consistently and efficiently energized to perform all the bodily functions.
This pretty much sums up Metabolism.  It is evident that a lot is happening.  It is clear that we are not consciously aware of most of it.  It is imperative that we realize its importance.  It is unfortunate that something or the other will always go wrong.

The cells as they age, must die and new cells must be generated to replace them. This is one of the functions of a normal functioning metabolism. But, when it impairs, the cells, like the one in the bones do get old, but are not eliminated from this body. This leads to the porous bones. And when these old , worn out tissues are not replace by the new tissues, the bones become brittle. The consequences result in Osteoporosis. So, ultimately our Skeletal System is affceted.


Similarly, all other Organ Systems suffer in one way or the other.



It is foolish to think that we are capable of diagnosing the malady. It will be prudent for us to become familiar with some symptoms of a malfunction.  Some outward indications of  a metabolic diorder within, are
Cracked and dry heels and chapped hands and skin
Excessive and early hair loss
Abnormal craving for sugar
Fat accumulation, Specially on the belly and the butt
Cellulite on the hips
Obesity with or without Loss of Appetite
Muscle Aches/Pains
Cold hands and feet
Tired all the time
Intolerance to foods you once liked
Anxious and Depressed
Morally depressed
Sudden gain of weight.

Individually, these expressions are normally ignored by most of us.  But, collectively, they are indications of trouble to come.  To keep yourself free from disease it is recommended that you take a course of remedies as given below.  

Motivation:  Metabolism is a continual process.  Begins with conception and ends in death.  
Even a mild imbalance in  the metabolic process will cause serious health problems;  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease, Heart Problems.

Once in a Life Time.  
Take the following homeopathic dilutions.  ( D day is the day on which you start )
D day.  Take Carcinosin 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only. Protects you against cancer for life.  Kills the fear of Cancer.
D plus 30.  Take Tuberculinum Bovinum 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only. To correct the tendency of the body to develop phlegm.
D plus 60.   Take Carcinosin 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only.
D plus 90.  Take Tuberculinum Bovinum 10M :  ( Homeopathic dilution ) One dose only.

Warning:  The above four doses are homepathic medicines.  They are not herbs.  They are not adaptogens that are harmless.  They are potent drugs.  They may have violent reactions.  It is an absolute must to consult with your doctor before taking them.  You should take them only on the advice of an expert homeopath.  In case of slightest doubt it is best to avoid them.

Having protected ourselves, against Cancer and Tuberculosis, lets proceed towards Vibrant Health and longevity, with the use of herbs.

Once a Year, for the rest of your Life.
Take herbs as recommended below.  
From here on there is a choice, Rasayans or Adaptogens. Rasayans have herbs from India only.  Adaptogens have herbs from all over the world including India.  You may chose to follow any one of the methods.  

It is alleged that they do not have side effects. But each herb affects different people differently.  Its action is different in different seasons.  Therefore, we will proceed with caution. We will try out each herb singly and only if it suits our particular body and mind, we will proceed to use it for prolonged periods.

Rasayanic Method (The way they do it in India)
Herbs need to be proved by your body before you can take them for long periods. This method is based on Rasayana Herbs.  It is being used in India under the discipline of Ayurveda, since times immemorial.

Triphala.   D day.  Start taking it daily for a week to establish its suitability. According to the Indian system of medicine ( Ayurveda ), Constipation  is the root cause of most diseases. Then lets get it out of the way by consuming Triphala.   For correct method of consumption, refer to General Para in Triphala.  If you are taking it for the first time, start with very small doses.  Take for three moths.  Then stop.  Thereafter take for one month each year.

Amla   D  plus 8.   Great Indian Health tonic.  Amla is an ingredient of Triphala too.  This herb tonifies the entire system. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C.  Cures Diarrhea, Dysentery, and boosts the Immunity.  Take it for one week. If it suits you continue for life time, otherwise stop.

Isabgol. ( Metamucil )  D plus 16.   ( For one month every year ) :  A powerful Cholesterol scavenger.  It also roots out Constipation by its laxative action.  Grind it with a little sugar.  Dissolve one heaped tablespoon in a glass of water and drink it first thing in the morning.

Punarnava . D plus 30.  ( For one month every year ) :  The very name means Rejuvenation.  In India, the Herb is known to rejuvenate and vitalize the body. It will optimize the functioning of the metabolism.

Stop Triphala

Ashwagandha.  D 60.  (For Males.  For one month in winter every year ) The Indian Ginseng. If you are a male, it will make you a man.

Shatavari.  D plus 60.   (For Females, For one month every year )  Start Shatavari for the next one week, for testing.  A superb Herb for the female Reproductive System.

Tulsi.  D plus 90.  ( For one month every year  ) aka Basil.  Take for a week. If it suits you take it for a month. It regulates Blood Pressure, Combats Stress, prevents Hair loss and Dandruff.  Also, relieves the symptoms of Common cold and Flu.

Shilajeet  aka Asphaltum ( For one month Every Winter )  It is the ultimate weapon in our fight against aging.  If Ashwagandha is rated equal to Ginseng, then Shilajeet, has to be put on a pedestal higher than both of them.

By now you should be feeling energetic and full of life.

Life Style.  Sickness reduces life. Sickness can be avoided by some simple rules. Here are some.

In winter, keep yourself warm.  In summer, keep even warmer.  The AC must never be set below 24 degrees centigrade ( 75 Deg F ). No relaxation.
Do not drink iced water.
Do not eat white bread or any kind of fine flour. If fact, eat no bread at all.
Do not eat white sugar. Never consume sweeteners. Always use raw cane sugar ( Jaggary or Gur ).
Do not stay damp. If you get wet, dry out as soon as possible.

Via Adaptogens (The Universal method )

This protocol incorporates the thinking of Indian, Chinese, Greeks, Unani and other systems of medical treatments around the world. No culture in the world has a standardized format or sequence for the administration of antiaging herbs. All cultures have herbs that are antiaging, adaptogens and or bipolar. There are herbs that affect the metabolism as a whole, like Ginseng and Ashwagandha. There are herbs that benefit specific organs, like Goji berry is good for the eyes.

Herbs affect different people differently.  They affect the same person differently on different occasions and under different circumstances.  It is therefore, advisable to experiment with small doses on your person. We should not rely wholly on research papers. Literature available around the world is general in nature and not specific in relation to your body and mind. The suitability of any herb can only be determined by you and or your doctor.

A suggested sequence of herbs is given below, starting with the herb least likely to affect a human being adversely.
All Herbs should be taken in capsule form, except Gojiberry, which should be taken as fresh or dried berries.

Goji Berry.  It really has no side effects. It promotes good health and takes care of your Eyes. Buy good quality Gojiberry. Take 20 gm everyday.  If it is too hard, you may soak it in water for 15 minutes.   If it is suitable to you, continue using it. If it does not – STOP. 

Ganoderma.  Commonly known as Rieshi : Top herb for longevity.  Also known as  Fairy Herb. The herb which ensures Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional well being. Repeat the procedure as in case of Gojiberry. Continue taking Goji Berry along with this Herb. They complement each other.   If it is suitable to you, continue using it. If it does not – STOP.  

Gynostemma  The optimum Herb which ensures overall health.  Provides relief from Stress and Fatigue, relaxes mind and nerves.  Deals with Depression, Obesity, Anxiety, Constipation and Diabetes.  The herb has great Anti Cancer action and strengthens the Immune System.

NotoginsengThis is an all weather longevity Herb. Acts as an excellent Blood tonic, increases Blood flow to the Heart, improves the consumption of Oxygen, lowers Blood Pressure and takes care of any bleeding, internal or external. If Notoginseng is suitable to you, make a note of this fact.

Stop taking the above mentioned herbs except Goji Berry and Ganoderma.
Add Siberian Ginseng after 15 days.

Siberian Ginseng.   This Herb is perfect to revitalize your mind and to get rid of Stress.  It is a great Immunity booster and an amazing Health agent. So, if you are constantly pestered by Stress, this Herb is the best bet. It is beneficial for every organ of the body.  It has a hot potency, so prefer it for winters.  Stop taking it after 15 days.  Note its suitability.

American Ginseng.  Take for the next 15 days.  It is cold in nature, so prefer consuming it during summers. That's the general guide line.  However, you may consume it in winter as well. Best used to cure Diabetes, Stress and Immune System. The Herb also combats Sexual Debility.  Stop taking after 15 days.  Note which is better for you, Siberian of American.

SchisandraThe herb is known to delay Aging. It is a rare herb, in that it is an all rounder.  Tastes determine the action of a herb on the body.  Most herbs have only one or two tastes.  Schisandra is the  only adaptogen which has 5 tastes.   5 tastes means it will take care of all the parts of the body.  It is good for mental health and promotes a healthy Nervous System.  Stop after 15 days.

Cordyceps.   The herb takes care of the Cardiovascular System.  It is an amazing Lung Tonic. It balances the anabolic and catabolic activity of the metabolism. It is a potent herb to prevent and combat Cancer. It also combats Sexual Dysfunction and Stress.  Take for 15 days.

This ends the experiment, Now look at your Chart and determine for yourself, which herbs suit you.

Send us this list and we will guide you regarding a course of action for the rest of your life.

Some guide lines

Regimen to be followed for life. It is assumed that you will discard the herbs that were not suitable for you. Please apply the following rules according to your convenience.

For one month in every three months take Goji Berry, Rieshi and Indian Goose Berry.

If Notoginseng agrees with you, it is the best of the Ginsengs. Take it for one month in every three months in addition to the above.

Take Ashwagandha and or Shatavari for one month in every 6 months.

Prefer Ashwaganda in winter and Shatavari in summer.

Siberian Ginseng is for winter and American Ginseng is for summer.

If your body has heat, opt for American Ginseng. If you are cold then take Siberian Ginseng.

If you are a male, prefer Ashwagandha. If you are a female take Shatavari.

Take Schizandra for three months continuously,  once a year.
Cordyceps and Basil, for 1 month in every 6 months.

If you are in doubt regarding the action of any herb, please refer to


Optional Reading

Metabolic Activities Explained

Metabolism is necessary to maintain life.  The name Metabolism itself means "change".  This change is brought about by  the metabolic activities. The building up and  disintegration processes are the phases of metabolism or are called metabolic activities.
Catabolism :  cata + (meta) bolism.  'Cata'  means, 'down.'  Breaking Down.  Catabolism is a process consisting of reactions, in which larger molecules are disintegrated  into smaller ones. 
The outcome of Catabolic activity is  The Energy  is released in the process; breaking down bigger things to make smaller things
An example --  digestion of proteins .  Here protein is broken down into amino acids, so as to be absorbed by your body  and , then , use through the metabolic process, storing glycogen in the Liver for energy.
Catabolic Hormones : Glucagon, Cortisol, Adrenalin, Cytokines

Anabolism :  ana + (meta) bolism.  'Ana' refers to  'up.'  Building Up. 
Anabolism is a process consisting of all of the reactions during which  a group of small molecules are integrated into larger ones and then stored as energy in newly formed chemical bonds.  The function of this  process is to create new cells, maintain  the already existing cells  and  create energy reserves for the body.  This process is also known as biosynthesis, allows the body to grow new cells and maintain all the tissues, thus maintains life.   The outcome of Aanabolic activity is The Energy is used up in the process, making larger things out of smaller ones.
An example --  the cluster of amino acids into larger proteins and the synthesis of  fat and glycogen for the person to use as energy.
The  mineralization and growth of bone, increase in muscle mass are another examples of anabolic metabolic activity.
Anabolic hormones are- Insulin, Estrogen, Testosterone,hormones involved in the growth of the uterus and placenta, Growth hormones.

When you have had your meal, then anabolic activity is dominant.  When you are working out, catabolic activity is predominant.
Do you know,   that the rate at which your metabolism works , is not constant.  Sometimes,  your metabolism is slow and at times, it is fast.  Both the process are interconnected, one is not possible without another. Catabolic activities produce energy required by  the anabolic.  activities.  And, at times, the former process produces more energy than required by the latter.  The result will be excess energy .  This excess energy is stored as fat and glycogen. This is the reason why you become overweight.

Metabolism Slow :   When your body is at rest, and has a lower energy expenditure than the normal, you are said to have a slow or sluggish metabolism.   What contributes to this slow metabolism ?   Inadequate intake of minerals from food and or poor assimilation of minerals.   The  adverse effect of slow metabolism is  Obesity .  Since, metabolism is slow, you tend to burn  less fat than in normal condition and higher amount of fat is stored in the body.

Metabolism Fast :   When your body is at rest, and expends more energy than normal, you have a fast metabolism.  In this condition, your body burns a lot of fat which is not stored in the body.  Lean and thin people are those whose metabolism is fast.

Thus, the metabolism needs to function optimally, neither slow nor fast.  And you must know that  proper functioning of your metabolism depends on  the appropriate functioning of  your  Hormones.


If your metabolism is fast or slow,  you can change  it! 
It can be fixed, repaired and refurbished, with herbs.   

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08 Jun 2018
I hav fatty liver grade 2, with kidney stones. And chronic sinusitis since eight to ten years.
Lucas Morgan
30 Oct 2022
I'm Lucas Morgan, I contracted HIV disease in 2016, I was told by my doctor that there's no possible cure for HIV. I started taking my ARV's, My CD4 was 77 and viral load was 112,450. I saw an email of Dr.Water, also I saw a lot of positive recommendations about him on how he uses herbal medicine to cure HIV and other disease. I contacted him and told him my problems. He sent me the herbal medicine and I took it for 28 days. After then, I went for checkup and I was tested negative. The medicine has no side effects, there's no special diet when taking the medicine. He also cure ALS, HEPATITIS B, CANCER, HERPES, DIABETES, HPV, INFERTILITY, MISCARRIAGES, FIBROID, PREMATURE EJACULATION and lots MORE. You can reach him on or whatsApp him on +2349050205019
27 Aug 2021
You have an incredible gift of relaying a HUGE subject so simply in so few words instead of bewildering your readers with long winded technical explanations This is what should be taught in junior school, together with other life sciences like how to prepare heathy food, how to grow it, how to recognise different herbs, how to make shoes, clothing, build a house etc etc Children today as well as my own generation really dont know how to survive, especially without a smartphone!!! This cannot end well!!!
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