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Immune System. Man.. Defend Thyself
Our Body Fights A War

The system which provides a defense to our body from foreign pathogens is called Immune System.  Our body is in a continuous fight, which we are not even aware of.

The bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens are always seeking the means feasible to infiltrate our bodies.  They will not miss a chance to enter our body.  They do it either through wounds, or mouth when we swallow and even when we inhale. 

And once, these pathogens enter the body, they grow and multiply, consequences are :  a diseased body and the mind.  They may cause a host of illness, ranging from minor cold and infections to the fatal Malaria.

Thus, to prevent them from doing so, our bodies get engaged in a continual battle against the army of pathogens.

Fortunate us, for we are endowed with an internal defense mechanism designed to combat these threats:  THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. 

It consists of  a network of organs, tissues, and cells.

The Function of this extraordinary system is to recognize, impair and dispose of all the  intruders – and then to remember them, in case they return again.

How does it work ?
When a pathogen enters our body, Some components of the immune system engulf and destroy all and any pathogens blindly. Other components produce specialized proteins which wipe out:  specific foreign organisms, or their poisonous products.  The Immune System works by generating an immune or immunity response.

The immune system is divided into :

Nonspecific, innate immunity : Targets all microorganisms

Specific, acquired immunity :  Targets specific types of invaders

Both these defense systems work together to prevent pathogens from entering and proliferating within the body. 

Non-specific Immune system : Innate, or nonspecific, immunity is the one with which we are born.  It guards us against all the pathogens.  Innate immunity involves barriers that keep harmful materials from entering our body.  These barriers form the first line of defense in the immune response and are:

Physical barrier :  Includes skin, mucous, tears, saliva, and stomach acid.

Chemical barriers   : These are specific proteins found in tears or saliva that attack foreign invaders.

Biological  : These are the good bacterias in the gut that prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Specific Immune System. The innate immune response leads to the pathogen-specific adaptive immune response. While this response is more effective, it takes some time to develop—generally about a week after the infection has occurred.


What Can Go Wrong With This System ?

It can malfunction and can turn out against the very body that it is designed to protect.   The body begins to  attack its own cells and tissues.  This misguided destruction leads to  Autoimmune Diseases.  The autoimmune response is  more like a masochist, which enjoys by inflicting pain on its very own self.

We might be unlucky to have born with a weak immune system. This is called Primary Immune Deficiency.

We might become the victim of a disease that weakens our immune system. This is called Acquired Immune Deficiency.

To have too much of a thing in excess is bad.  The Immune System may become too active ( hyperactive ). This may happen with an allergic reaction.

Factors Affecting The Immune System

If our Immune System is weak or is impaired,  it may not win the battle against invading foreign microbes.  This will ultimately lead to sickness. The quality of our Immune System depends on —

The food we eat.
The amount of sleep we get.
The environment we are exposed to.
Our physical and mental health.
The amount of exercise we do.

Set The Immune System Right

It is very very important that this system gets all the nourishment and care required. If we didn't have a  healthy and optimally functioning immune system, we will keep on getting sick time and again. Simply brushing the teeth  or inhaling would introduce enough harmful bacteria into our bloodstream to kill us . Protect it , so that it protects you..  Here is the method :

-Adopting a healthy lifestyle :  This involves the intake of a wholesome diet and giving up the foul habits.  Include Fish (Omega 3 ), Citrus food, and, Mushrooms in your diet.  These foods help a great deal in fighting the invaders.

-Making Exercise as mandatory part of our routine :  Our Immune System responds to exercise by  producing the blood cells that attack the  bacterial invaders.  This will help to preserve the health of immune System.

-Taking a sound sleep :  A person who takes adequate amounts of sleep is likely to have a stronger Immune System.  Since , all of our body's healing process ( growth of cells, their repair ,brain activity and organ detoxification ) occurs when we are asleep.  Thus, sleep becomes imperative for a healthy Immune System

--Taking the Herbs that will boost up the immunity :   The herbs are differentiated as the following :

  Immunomodulator Herbs........ 

 Immunity Booster Herbs .........




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