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Herbpathy aka Phytotherapy
A Necessity, not a Fad

Phytotherapy aka Herbpathy is one of the fastest growing medicinal systems across the globe. “Phyto” means plants.  Phytotherapy is the use of medicinal plants to cure and restore balance in the body. Plants or Herbs have been used since ancient times as remedies for the treatment of a wide range of diseases.  Therapeutically, plants can be used as whole foods, or in a variety of different forms such as standardized extracts, roots or supplements.  Phytotherapy has become a vital treatment option, especially considering the large list of side effects that are associated with many pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s a perfect choice because plants have the capability to adapt to the biochemical exclusivity of each patient.      Great advancement have been appropriated in the field of modern pharmaceutical medicine.  Unfortunately there is little to show in the filed of internal medicine or the cure and management of the endocrine system.  Plants have always been the mainstay in the treatment of diseases of the metabolism.  They had been neglected for some time, but they are staging a come back.  Interest in remedies derived purely from plants is steadily increasing. 

About 70% of medical doctors in Germany prescribe herbs regularly.  Conventional medicine is responsible for 783,936 deaths per year.


Why Phytotherapy

Modern medicine ( Allopathy ) saves lives. It is the first choice when it comes to life-saving surgeries and life-threatening conditions. However, apart from side effects associated with them, modern medicine can make you dependent e.g. Sedatives or Pain killers.  Modern medicines, especially antibiotics,  which had blown the world with their victory over microorganism have lost their effectiveness.  Microorganisms mutated to defend themselves against antibiotics.  New strains had to be, and are being, developed at shorter and shorter periods. Man is fighting a losing battle. Pharmaceutical companies identify and isolate individual active components of plants, and chemically extract them or produce mimics.  Bacterias have successfully developed resistance to such strains.  A plant as a whole, used as it is, has a synergy of its own.  The bacteria cannot mutate and develop resistance.  When the combined synergy of more than one plant is harnessed to effect a cure, the Bacteria does not stand a chance.  The caviar is a reduced risk of toxicity.  In cases of slow developing and chronic diseases Herbs steal the show.  Surgery can be avoided.  When you get sick, you need Herbs to heal you.  When you are healthy, you need Herbs to give you a state of Vibrant Health and defeat Aging.


Comparison of various Medicinal Systems

Besides Allopathy there are other medicinal systems in the world.  Some of them are Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy, TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ).  Most of these systems use herbs in their treatment procedures.  Each system has its own sphere of excellence and disadvantages.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest yet advanced systems of medicine used across the world.  It originated in India. It uses herbs, metals, and oxides of metals as medicines.  Where as most prescriptions in the Allopathic system aim at treatment, Ayurveda aims at cure.  It has the power to correct constitutional abnormalities.  It is best suited for chronic diseases.  It is, however, lacking in  the art of life saving surgery. 

Homeopathy is a system originated in Germany.  It uses potent  herbs, herbal derivatives, animals tinctures and chemicals to cure diseases based on the totality of the system.  Homeopathy uses the secondary action of a substance to counter the primary action on the body.  For example, if a glass of carrot juice causes diarrhea, then an infinitesimally small dose of carrot juice when potentised will cure diarrhea.  The disease need not be caused by carrot.  The cause of the disease does not necessarily have to carrot.  Diarrhea may be caused by any other reason, but will be cured by this dose of carrot juice.   Homeopathy can cure abnormalities of hereditary.  It is best suited to cure chronic diseases and miasmas like Syphilis, Gonorrhea and HIV.  However, it is not the answer to emergencies or conditions requiring surgery.  It is an excellent system for convalescence.                                            

Unani medicinal system originated in Greece and is practiced in India and the Middle East. Unani is best used for chronic diseases, but lacks its effectiveness in emergencies.  It takes a long time to be effective and hence cure can be achieved by prolonged treatment.

Siddha is a traditional medicinal system practiced in South India. Its theory and practice is similar to Ayurveda. Siddha system uses herbs, chemical derivatives, metals and life creatures as medicine. Its major drawback is the lack of scientific evidence and requires a prolonged research.  It is well suited for chronic diseases.

TCM means Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It has been, and is, the main system of medicine in China.  Now a days it is being preferred in chronic diseases in parts of the world  It is ancient.  It is effective.  But it is complicated.  And, just like the language, difficult to master.  It is an excellent system to cure ( not just to treat )  chronic disease.  The Chinese believe that most diseases stem from cold, dampness and digestive abnormalities.


Adaptogenic nature of Herbs

Most treatments around the world have a single direction of action.  For example, if a drug lowers blood pressure then its continuous use will keep on lowering the blood pressure irrespective of the fact that patient may die. The drug does not optimize a condition and stop.  It works only in one direction.

Some herbs are adaptogenic. They are bipolar. If you take Ashwagandha to lower your blood pressure, then, the action of Ashwagandha will optimize the high blood pressure and lower it to normal. If you continue to take it for long periods, your blood pressure will not fall below normal.  Similarly, if you have low blood pressure, the same Ashwagandha will increases the blood pressure to normal.  Prolonged use of Ashwagandha will not harm human beings.

Some herbs can be used as medicines to cure illness.  Like drugs, they must be stopped when cure is achieved.  If continued, they will have side effects.

Some herbs can be used for prevention of a diseases.  They also must be used for a small period of time then stopped.  If used for longer period, they will also have side effects.

Only some herbs are adaptogenic, like  Ashwagandha for men and Shatavari for women.

Phytotherapy : Man’s last Bastion against Disease

The disease attacks a Human being.  The body's metabolism fights back.  Sometimes, the body loses.  It needs help. Medicines, Remedies, Surgery come to the rescue.  Individual, isolated compounds derived from herbs are proving ineffective or at best only palliative.  Prolonged treatment has become a way of life.  Cure seems impossible.

Single herbs derive their synergy from various components.  A disease succumbs to this synergy.  If this is not enough herbs can be combined to produce a super synergy to combat diseases.  Single isolated components from a herb sometimes fail,  because the body rejects them. Herbs make the same thing more readily bio available for the body.


Phytotherapy aka Herbpathy, was the only system of medicine till about 100 years ago.  It has not become an alternative.  Thanks to Commercialization.  It is not a cure-all. It may not be very effective where surgery is required. The Doctor should consider Herbpathy a friend and not a foe. It can be used very efficiently along with other systems of medicine. Especially during convalescence.

The forte of Herbpathy is to create Vibrant health in normal human beings.  As man ages, metabolic changes deteriorate functions and organs of the body.   Herbs can help in anti-aging, keeping the mind alert and allowing otherwise normal human beings to enjoy Vibrant Health.


As male ages, the proportion  of testosterone as compared to estrogen decreases. This causes disease. This can be obviated by using herbs like Stinging Nettle to keep the proportion of testosterone high. This will delay aging.


Herbs.  Try them.  They are Amazing.  They are a necessity, not a Fad.


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Reviews on Herbpathy aka Phytotherapy
21 Apr 2019
Superb! Thank you. Your app is very helpful. I use it frequently.
Herbpathy Team
25 Jul 2019
Thank you for your feedback Laura.
Lucas Morgan
30 Oct 2022
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30 Oct 2022
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Maria Abu
29 Oct 2022
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09 Jan 2021
Congratulation. Nice job. Go on.
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30 Oct 2022
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