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What can I take to heal overly masterbation for 13 years

I jerked off back and forth after every hour or every 30 minutes everyday for 13 years and notice a decline in size and shape and hardness and the way the blood rushes in my balls when trying to get hard and later in the years it feels like there’s a blockage and it’s stuck at a size that won’t get hard or to a boner , I cum to quick within seconds and it feels like the blood is only rushing in one of my balls because of overly jerking off and it’s always sore and painful when I cum for a couple days, my duck never went back to normal it’s always stuck at a small size then can’t get hard or a boner and just goes back to being soft in seconds and my cum isn’t a healthy clear white ever, I don’t know what to take to bring it back to my original penis and I tried everything all types of organic medicine and still nothing and no change for months, I don’t know what to do or buy and it won’t heal on its own and it’s always soft and stuck at a certain size that makes no sense and it never gets to a boner ever.
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