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Is there anything I can do to never experience the symptoms of masturbation that I'm experiencing now

Hello I'm currently suffering from masturbation side effects. I'm a 32 years old man. I don't have a wife and I don't have a girlfriend. Here are the pieces of information about me and the masturbation: Symptoms that I feel after an orgasm from masturbation and the amount of time I take to recover: _Temporary bad short term memory (memory improves completely after 3 to almost 4 weeks at most.) _Pain in the left side of my brain that comes and goes during a period of 3 to almost 4 weeks at most. The pain also decreases during this period of time and goes away completely after this period of time. _Difficulty understanding what people tell me (Ability to understand people efficiently and fast improves after 3 to almost 4 weeks at most) _Difficulty speaking (improvement of speaking well improves completely after 3 to almost 4 weeks at most) _Cognitive impairment (improvement occurs completely after 3 to almost 4 weeks at most) _Sometimes after an orgasm from masturbation I feel tinglings (these tinglings come and go during 5 days at most) _ Also after this kind of orgasm I slightly feel like I want to throw up but it's after one week of the orgasm. (This sensation comes and goes but definitely goes away after 2 to 3 weeks at most). _Mental weakness (One day after I respond to my human nature, I feel mentally weak like it’s very hard for me to make mental efforts that will lead me to the right decision. But this sensation of mental weakness goes away completely after 1 week at most). Amount of time the pain lasts whenever it comes during the 3 to almost 4 weeks at most: sometimes 4 to 5 seconds, other times 7 to 10 seconds. Also the pain can last for up to 12 seconds. Description of the pain in the left side of my brain from a scale of 1 to 10: 6 and a half to 7. Description of the pain in the left side of my brain from a scale of 1 to 10 as the weeks are passing by: Eventually the pain scale drops from like 4 and a half to 6, 2 and a half to 5 and after 3 to 4 weeks the pain completely goes away. Important pieces of information about me: _ I don't drink _ I don't do alcohol _ I don't smoke _ I never got any serious head injury in my life. _I got a CT scan, an MRA, an MRI, and an EEG done. The results for these 4 tests are normal so the results are negative _I did the following 3 tests: 1)CMP, serum or plasma, 2) CBC W/ AUTO Diff, 3) +FREE T4, serum. The results for these 3 tests are normal. There was nothing that indicates there was something wrong with me from any of these 3 tests. _ My blood test is negative from a blood test that I did in 2017. _ I also got tested for STDS and for vitamin B and D level. The results of my STDS were negative. My vitamin B level was normal. It was 341 between 211 and 946 range. But I have a deficiency in vitamin D. The vitamin D level was 16.1 between 30.0 and 100.0. I was told that everybody has a vitamin D deficiency and that my vitamin D deficiency had nothing to do with memory. _So I don't know what's wrong with me. _I've been really feeling like that for 2 years now _What's weird is that I only respond to my human nature like once a month and sometimes I don't do it for 3 months and after these 3 months once I do it I feel these long term side effects. _ Right now I'm really worried because I'm afraid that can create harsh consequences in my life. Right now I'm working and going to school getting my bachelor degree and I don't want that to keep affecting my school and work. If that keeps affecting my work, which is my survival mode, I will eventually pay the consequences. Also when it comes to school, that will keep making me take longer getting my bachelor degree. After confirming with my doctor that there is nothing from any of these tests that is impacting me mental-wise, she told me to see a psychiatrist but I heard that psychiatrist can give you medications that can make you permanently sick. I was planning on taking these natural supplements( mind juventor, vitagenone, via growth III and craniac xtreme) but I don't know if these supplements will really work. So I really don't know what to do. Is there anything I can do to never experience the symptoms that I'm experiencing now?
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