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Female Reproductive System
It's A Girl Thing........

The human female reproductive system is a complex and beautiful system that has the capacity to nurture tiny cells into a thriving baby.

The internal organs include the ovaries, uterus, and vagina.
The external organs include the vulva and its various structures.

These organs and structures give women the ability to produce a baby. They do this by producing eggs to be fertilized by sperm from a man. The organs  also provide a place for the baby (fetus) to grow and develop. Other structures such as the breasts give the mother the ability to feed and nourish a baby after birth.

Functions of the female reproductive system are: -

Production of ovum eggs.
Receiving the sperms.
Providing suitable environment for fusion (fertilization) of the egg and the sperm.
Child birth.
Nourishment of the baby with breast milk until it can take a mixed diet.

We will be talking about---

Menstruation, Conception; Pregnancy, Delivery and Menopause.

What can go wrong ?

As a woman you have pretty much to celebrate! Your bodies are blessed. You have the unique ability to bring the cell into life your own kind and nourish him/her with your milk.

A woman has to go through a multiple health issues. From puberty through menopause she deals with hormonal fluctuations, monthly menses, ovulation, pregnancy, and lactation. she may suffer from pre-menstrual, or menopausal tensions, including irritability, mood swings, bloating, breast tenderness, uterine discomfort, headache, nausea, insomnia , hot flashes and general malaise. Some of them even deal with uterine fibroids, breast and ovarian cysts, yeast infections, cervical dysplasia, vaginal dryness, and incontinence.
Breast cancer is a devastating illness striking women .

--- Conditions that involve the female reproductive system include:

Unfortunately, the incidence of human female reproductive system disease is on the rise;  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Cancers and Fibroids, and Menopause,Menstrual Disorders,Endometriosis are a few.    Click here to see female reproductive disorders......

Symptoms vary depending on the condition and may include:

Mood swings 




Tender Breasts

Menstrual  Cramps

Heavy Menstrual bleeding

No periods or Irregular Menses


Bowel Problems

Pain during sex or after sex

Dear Women, Take care of you Reproductive System.......

Prevention is always better than cure. Following these guidelines and observing good hygiene will aid you in protecting your  reproductive system.
Your Reproductive system is vulnerable to infections, trauma, and imbalances that may delay pregnancy, cause infertility or other diseases. There are ways that you need to adapt to make your reproductive system  healthy and help it  to stay in tune.

Lifestyle changes; Eat right, exercise, maintain a healthy body weight, and get enough sleep –  keeping these habits in your lifestyle is is the best way to keep the reproductive system healthy.  Being obese or underweight, too feeble and lean  may cause problems with pregnancy.  Stay away from stress, set your mind free of stress, as constant stress in your life may lower your body’s immune system and cause infections.  Stress also affects the normal menstrual cycle, and encourages the imbalance of hormones.

Quit smoking –  Smoking  alters your ovaries, the uterus, and other organs  of  your reproductive system. And, if you smoke during pregnancy , it increases the risk of your baby developing congenital disorders.

Get screened regularly –  As you  age, regular check up from a a trusted gynecologist  is advisable.

Engage yourself in safe sex – safe sex is per-eminent in order to  prevent a disease. There are some STDs that are incurable, such as HPV , HIV, herpes and these conditions may change your life forever. Before engaging in any sexual intercourse, having your partner tested is a wise way to know if he is safe, or simply using a condom can prevent transmission.

Sitz Baths- A great method to clear pelvic congestion.  It also tones up the pelvic region.  This method should be included in your daily routine, amazing method to keep the system healthy.  You can go for alternate hot and then cold sitz baths.
How ?   Set up an arrangement of  two basins of water : one with very cold water, and the other with a very warm water, containing herbal infusion of Comfrey , Chamomile.  Sit in the warm basin( make sure, your vagina is completely immersed in the water ) and rest comfortably for 5 minutes. Then quickly move to immerse your pelvic area in the basin of cold water, sitting for 5 minutes. Repeat this until 5  rotations.

Yoga and a balanced and herbal diet   -Yoga tones the pelvic area and increases the circulation. You should also try breast massage and pelvic massage nourishes the reproductive system.  Eat wholesome and nutritious  food. Consume Nettles, Dandelions, Burdock, Chaste Berry, Dong Quai

Herbs -
Burdock  :
This plant has specific medicinal action.  Avoid  long-term usage of this Herb.  Black cohosh should only be used for up to 6 months.  Aids in all sorts of reproductive problems, ex :  Uterine neuralgia, Pelvic congestion,  No menses, painful Menses,  Ovarian Pain, etc.

Chaste berry :
It is helpful for balancing excess estrogen, which is one of the main causes of premenstrual syndrome, uterine cysts, breast cysts, premenstrual breast tenderness and swelling, and fibroids.   Discontinue use if heavy menstrual bleeding occurs. Avoid during pregnancy.

Manjakani :
Used for vaginal tightening, saggy breasts and also tones the Uterine muscles.  The herb is used to cure all sorts of  Menstrual Disorders.  It acts as a tonic for female Reproductive System.

Black cohosh :
Beneficial for the treatment of endometriosis, prolapsed uterus, or other atonic conditions of the uterus. It is most specific for reproductive conditions resulting in a dull, achy feeling in the uterusAlso provides relief  from menstrual cramps.

Dong quai  :
Dong quai helps to increase circulation to the uterus, is iron rich for proper blood formation, tones and strengthens the uterus by regulating hormonal control, and improves the timing of the menstrual cycle.

Motherwort :
Motherwort is used for premenstrual cramps with delayed menstruation, congestive amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea.  This herb is very effective at reducing uterine muscle spasm, cramping and improving uterine tone. Motherwort has been found to have a  mildl stimulating action, it stimulates  the uterus and aids the uterus to work efficiently, which is helpful in bringing on menstruation.

Red Raspberry :  
Improves uterine tone and blood supply.  It supplies calcium and magnesium as well as other nutrients, tone the uterus and urinary tract

Using nourishing teas, specially nettles, keep the uterine  muscle toned and prevent the tissue from cramping. Urtica Dioica and Urtica Urens :

Cramp Bark
Is used for most spasmodic pains, specifically  for spasmodic and congestive conditions of the female genital and urinary tract. It is indicated when pelvic pains extend down the thighs and are accompanied by nausea. 

Shatavari :
Shatavari promotes regular menstrual cycles by aiding in the regulation of estrogen levels

White Beth Root  :
Used for threatened miscarriage due to poor uterine tone and incompetent cervix.  It is used prior to labor to facilitate contractions and ensure an easier delivery.

Dandelion : 
It aids the reproductive system by helping to regulate and normalize hormone production

Ladies !! Refrain  yourself from the following....

Applying soaps and body wash containing dyes, perfumes and other harsh chemicals

-- Commercial vaginal douches and sprays, with perfumes and dyes as their constituents
-- Sitting on cold floors and hot radiators.
-- Swimming in chlorinated pools.
-- Touching your vagina with dirty fingers.


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