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Ipomoea Nil Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

General Name
Ipomoea Nil
English Name
Japanese Morning Glory
Botanical Name
Ipomoea Nil, Ipomoea Hederacea
Hindi Name
Kaladana, Nilkalmi
Ipomoea Nil Cures
Most Effective
Highly Effective
Action of Ipomoea Nil
Most Effective
Highly Effective
Nutrients in Ipomoea Nil
Ipomoea Nil
Combines With
Taste of
Ipomoea Nil
Bitter, Pungent
Parts Used
Side Effects, Risk Factors and Cautions of Ipomoea Nil
Avoid use during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.
Overdose may cause Nausea, Vomiting and hematuria.
Ipomoea Nil is a Tree.
It is perennial.
It grows in a tropical Climate.
It grows up to 4 M.
Best used for Digestive Problems.

In TCM :
Ipomoea Nil Seed : Bai Chou, Qian Niu Zi

Attention :
Raw seeds are toxic. Use Sun dried seeds.
Grown In
Common Names

Materia Medica for Ipomoea Nil

Multiple Herbs

Herbal Combination for Ascites 1
Make a decoction of Euphorbia root and Ipomoea Nil seeds. Take it twice a day.
Caution : Overdose may result in to toxicity.
Herbal Combination for Constipation 8
Grind Ipomoea Nil seeds and Peach seeds into powder and make into pills with honey.
Herbal Combination for Ascaris 4
Make a powder of Areca Nut seed and Ipomoea Nil seed. Take it twice a day.
Herbal Combination for Cough 10
Ground Areca Nut seed, Ipomoea Nil seed and Rhubarb root in to a powder. Make an infusion. Take it twice a day.
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