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Catechu Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

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General Name
English Name
Catechu, Mimosa Catechu
Botanical Name
Acacia Catechu
Hindi Name
Katha, Khair, Khaira
Chinese Name
Er Cha

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Catechu Cures


Action of Catechu

Most Effective

Nutrients in Catechu

Taste of

Bitter, Acrid, Astringent

Nature of


Parts Used

Bark, Heartwood, Kath, Resin, Whole Plant

Side Effects, Risk Factors of, and Cautions for Catechu

It may cause Hypotension.


Catechu is a tree.
It is deciduous.
It grows in a tropical climate.
It grows up to 15 M.
Best used for Skin Disease.

In TCM :
Catechu : Er Cha
Meridian associated : Lung


Grown In

Materia Medica for Catechu

Single Herb

Catechu for Hoarseness

Take a small piece of catechu. Chew it, untill it dissolves in the mouth. Do this twice a day.

Catechu for Obesity

Powder it. Take a pinch and mix it in one glass of luke warm water. Drink twice a day for seven days.
Caution:Don't use it more than seven days.

Catechu for Toothache

Take a small piece of Catechu. Keep it near the affected tooth.

Catechu ( Khair ) Leaves for Stye

Boil 10 to 12 Catechu ( Khair ) Leaves in 250 ml of water. Deep a clean cotton cloth in lukewarm solution and compress over affected eye.

Catechu for Wounds

Use bark decoction of Catechu to wash your Wounds when bearable hot.
OR : Crush leaves of Catechu to make paste. Apply it over Wounds.
OR : Dry the bark of Catechu. Grind to make powder. Dust it over damaged Skin.

Catechu for Dysentery

Soak 15 g Catechu bark in 1 Liter water. Boil and drink whenever feel thirsty.

Catechu for Aphthous Ulcers

Prepare leave decoction of Catechu. Swish with it.

Catechu for Gum Diseases

Gargle using leave decoction of Catechu once a day.

Catechu for Cough

Take Catechu leave paste with Honey twice a day.

Catechu for Polyuria

Add 2 g Catechu gum in a cup of lukewarm water. Drink it once a day.

Catechu for Dental Diseases

Rub bark powder of Catechu on your Gums and Teeth.

Catechu for Leprosy

Add 20 g bark powder of Catechu in your bathing water. Take bath with it.

Catechu for Anorexia

Prepare a decoction using Catechu bark. Take 5 ml twice a day.

Catechu for Ascaris

Drink 26 ml bark decoction of Catechu two times a day.
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Herbal Treatment Gingivitis 1

Take Catechu, Wild Geranium and Myrrh. Powder them. Add a little clove powder. Use it as a tooth powder.

Herbal Treatment Chest Congestion 1

Take Catechu and Red Wood. Prepare a paste. Apply on the chest two times a day.

Herbal Treatment Colic 2

Take Catechu, Sweet Potato, Lemon. Grind them. Add a little water. Drink it two or three times a day.

Herbal Treatment Diarrhea 2

Take equal quantity of Catechu ( Katha ) and Cinnamon ( Dalchini ). Powder them. Take 1/4 tsp powder with 1/2 tsp honey per day.

Herbal Treatment Cough 3

Take Catechu powder. Mix it with Turmeric powder. Take it with honey twice a day.

Herbal Treatment Toothache 1

Take Catechu ( Katha ) with little amount of Cinnamon ( Dalchini ) and Nutmeg ( Jaiphal ). Chew it for five minutes. Do this twice a day.
Caution : Excess Nutmeg may cause adverse affect.

Herbal Treatment Aphthous Ulcers 1

Take Catechu bark and Ziziphus Oenoplia bark. Powder them. Add a little butter. Cook them. Keep it for a few minutes in the fridge. Apply it on the Sores or Ulcers. Do this at least once a day.

Herbal Treatment Gum Diseases 2

Burn One Areca Nut and make ash. Add 2 tablespoon powdered Clove and a pinch of Catechu. Use it as a mouth wash Thrice a day.

Herbal Treatment Bad Breath 1

Fry 3 tablespoon Areca Nut powder in 3 tablespoon ghee. Add Carom, Catechu and Rock salt in equal quantities. Grind. Apply all over mouth thrice daily.

Herbal Treatment Gum Diseases 4

Fry 3 tablespoon Areca Nut powder in 3 tablespoon ghee. Add Carom, Catechu and Rock salt in equal quantities. Grind. Apply all over mouth thrice daily.

Herbal Treatment Ulcers 3

Mix Frankincense gum, Myrrh gum, Catechu resin and Ginseng Noto root powder. Apply it locally on ulcers.

Herbal Treatment Toothache 5

Take the following herbs in below given quantity:
Banyan : Bark : Powdered : 5 tablespoons
Catechu : Powdered : 1/4 teaspoon
Black Pepper : Powdered : 1/4 teaspoon
Mix all the above herbs. Use it as tooth powder twice a day.

Herbal Treatment Haemoptysis 1

Take two tablespoon of Alum and One tablespoon of Catechu bark. Grind. Put it in a bottle. Take three tablespoon three times a day for 7 to 10 days.

Herbal Treatment Diabetes 7

Prepare decoction of the following herbs :-
Papaya - 4 tablespoon
Catechu - 1 tablespoon
Betel-nut - 1 tablespoon
Take 1/2 cup two times a day

Herbal Treatment Anemia 8

Take Catechu gum, Basil leaves and Purslane in 3:1:1 ratio. Fry them in Olive oil for 6-7 minutes. Soak the fried mixture in bowl full of Rose Water. Let it stand for one day. Take 1 tsp once a day.

Herbal Treatment Yellow Teeth 4

Char the bark of Catechu. Take it and add roasted Alum powder with Salt in 4:1:1 ratio. Brush your Teeth daily with this mixture.

Herbal Treatment Eczema 7

Take 20 g bark each of Mango and Catechu. Boil it in water. Dip a piece of cloth in it and apply over affected areas.
Queries on Catechu
Jaspreet Johri
14 Mar 2015
Could you please elaborate the Herbal combination for diabetes. How to prepare it ?

Thanks.Mrs Johri
16 Mar 2015

My name is Shikha . I was in initial stages of diabetes 2 to 3 months ago. Now I am all right. Thanks to all these herbal sites. I was very afraid of allopathic medicines and all. I was looking for some herbal way to get rid of my diabetes. I went through many websites. Most of the sites I found Gudmar for diabetes. I decided to use gudmar. I have read formula on this website under the heading diabetes. I found it very useful in my case. If I am talking about your question.
According to me decoction is made by boiling given material in water simply. nothing more than that.
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